Third Parties amalgamate

Today it was announced that some members of the three “third parties”, mainly People’s National Party, Vision Inspired by the People, and We the People Reform Movement, will be coming together to form ONE National third party, whose  name and color is yet to be determined. The third parties have been pushing for reform under their separate banners and putting their names on the ballot, with little to no success. The third parties hope that now,  under this one umbrella,  they will have a better chance of getting into government and creating the change they wish to see. The Public relations officer for this newly formed party is Charles Leslie who just a few days ago stepped down as the Chairman of the Belize Unity Alliance. He stopped by our studies to talk about this step to amalgamate the parties.

Charles Leslie: I would like to remind people that this was not something that happened over night. The third parties have been discussing, trying to amalgamate  trying to come together for the past 15 years actually. But they focused on differences and not commonalities, what they had in common. And what they have in common is to see a better Belize for all Belizeans. And after several meetings over the past year vlcsnap-2015-09-22-20h20m31s72since I became the chairman of the BUA we finally came to a conclusion last week at this meeting, and everyone decided we will join together our forces. We will put aside our names and we will come up with a new National Political Party , and as I said, the name are being vetted as we speak, and that should be finalized by Wednesday, so that will be tomorrow. We will be sending out a press release, and in that press release we will also be announcing a soon to be press conference where all the media will be invited.

They have yet to develop a policy. However, one of the things this new party will be pushing is the anti- ICJ movement. The pro-temp party leader and pro-tempt deputy party leader are Patrick Rogers formerly from the VIP and Wil Meheia, formerly from the PNP. They invite any other third party or independent candidate to join the efforts of reform.

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