Third Party slate for Belmopan Municipal Elections

In Belmopan, we already know who the PUP and UDP candidates for Municipal elections are, but one party which usually contests the municipal election in Belmopan  is Vision Inspired by the People.

We haven’t heard much from them lately, but on Wednesday morning on Rise and Shine, VIP announced that they will be contesting the 2015 elections in the capital city. 

Paul Morgan, Secretary General of VIP, says they are putting together a very good slate of candidates.


vlcsnap-2014-10-16-07h18m18s113Paul Morgan – VIP Secretary General

“I want to assure Belmopan that the VIP have been working, we continue to work, and we intend to keep working.  We will offer persons in the City Council, and persons of integrity.  We’re building a strong team, and very soon you will hear from us as to who we are offering to you for representation on the City Council. 

We hope to do our best this year, to make life better, raise the quality of life in Belmopan. 

VIPI wouldn’t want the audience to believe that in any constituency at all there are ‘holy cows.’ No. Anybody who wants to join the VIP, and offer themselves for election in any constituency at all, are free.”


The VIP slate will be launched on the 7th of November for Belmopan. According to VIP organizer Derrick Stewart, they will be inaugurating their new headquarters and launching various arms of the party.

vlcsnap-2014-10-16-07h42m05s41Derick Stewart – VIP Organizer

“We’re seeking candidates countrywide for the National Election.  Currently we’re in the motion of setting up our National Women’s Movement.  We’re also simultaneously working on setting up our National Youth Movement.

So we are taking the VIP on a national scale as a mass party, and at the same time, along with the[National] Women’s Movement, it’s basically geared towards empowering the women within their own communities.  How can they be active, productive, and self-sustainable? 

As for the youth, how do we target the youth [and] do a preventive measure, rather than do a corrective measure, in the crime situation that we have here?

So, this is the direction the VIP is going at this time.”


According to Hubert Enriquez, Chairman of VIP, one of the main problems in Belize is poor leadership, and that is something they are setting out to address as a credible party.


vlcsnap-2014-10-16-07h56m19s127Hubert Enriquez – VIP Chairman

“We are really focused on issues that happen to be governance.  We feel that this is the problem that we have in our country. 

All of this Guatemalan problem, all the problems with crime and so forth, has to do with our governance. 

Dealing with the question of governance, has to do with the fact that we don’t treat our people the way we should treat our people.  When, for instance, you can be disrespected by an international country, it is because you have disrespected your own people. 

It is very incumbent that the Government seeks to respect our Belizean people by putting [measures] in place, to ensure they are properly governed, to ensure that they are empowered.  When that doesn’t happen at this level, then you could expect that at all levels. 

So, I say that it is important that our Government pay heed to the call for reform, in the way we are doing things. You can’t continue the way you’re continuing. 

Our country is being divided, and it’s only through unity that they’re going to make an inroad in this new global world.”  


Municipal elections are slated for March of 2015.

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