Three Butane Wholesalers on Go Slow

PlusNews has been trying from Friday to obtain an on camera interview with Jose Trejo, Director of Bureau of Standards, but he has been unable to facilitate the interview as yet. The interview request stems from a stream of information PlusNews has been receiving from various players in the Butane industry that the three wholesalers; Tomza, Zeta and BWel are not satisfied with the increase announced by Government and have banded together to demand an even higher retail price than the $7.00 increase announced on Friday.

PlusNews was the first to break the story about the Friday morning meeting between Butane suppliers and the Belize Bureau of Standards. That meeting produced the higher cost of Butane announced Friday evening. Director Jose Trejo confirmed to us on Monday afternoon that , indeed, as we had reported, the wholesalers: Tomza, Zeta and BWel were not satisfied with the new price set by Government.  He even hinted that the Ministry of Trade and Industry was taking a closer look at legislation which oversees the Butane industry as the three largest suppliers of Butane apparently try to increase pressure on Government by flexing their collective muscles to get Belizeans to pay even more for Butane. Today we sent our cameras to the Depot of the three big suppliers and noted that the companies appeared to be on go-slow mode. Interestingly, while most of Belize’s Butane comes from Guatemala, it appears that the parent companies are getting better retail prices in Guatemala than in Belize.

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