Three car pile up in front of Agric Grounds

There was a three car pile up this afternoon on the Hummingbird highway just in front of the National Agriculture and Trade Show grounds. It involved a Government vehicle, which is a Toyota 4 door truck used by the Ministry of Agriculture, as well as a white SUV , and a green Plymouth caravan. Driving the white SUV at the time was one Ran Sutherland while inside the van were three Roaring Creek residents heading to Belmopan Market Day. Those persons are 17 year old Anika Tillett, Cecilia Cruz, and Antonette Armstrong.  Inside the government vehicle was the driver, Ervin Griffith along with three passengers. We spoke to Griffith who told us what happened.

Ervin Griffith, Driver, Minister of Agriculture: I’m a driver of the Ministry of agriculture, Ervin Griffith, about 1:30 I was travelling from the Ministry of Agriculture back to Show Grounds. I was going to take a left turn into show grounds but I had on the opposite side a vehicle that was going into Belmopan so I waited in the road. I put on my signal for a while so that the vehicle could pass and all I got was a hit from the back. It was a brown Lexus vehicle. I had 3 plus myself travelling. I got a cut on my left foot and a little neck pain. My co-worker got bruises and neck pain but the other people I don’t know their condition.

The driver of the SUV received a cut wound to the top of his head while the passengers of the van received varied injuries ranging from cut wounds by broken glass to bruises. The driver of the Government vehicle also received a cut to his foot. All persons involved were taken to the Western Regional Hospital for treatment.vlcsnap-2017-05-15-23h37m39s513 vlcsnap-2017-05-15-23h37m03s785 vlcsnap-2017-05-15-23h35m57s488

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