Three fugitives still on the run

The three prisoners who escaped from the Corozal jailhouse last Wednesday are still at large. As we reported, the three men escaped by apparently sawing through the metal bars.  The fugitives are  Marvin Pec,  Johny Matus, and Austin Sutherland . Today, police say they have not been able to locate the men so far.

Wilfredo Ferrufino, CIB

there were supposedly sightings of them in Chetumal. There si nothing tto confirm that. However orange walk police are continuing their search as they are still at large, Any information please pass it on to the police

All three men were being held as they were to be in court the following day on burglary charges and handling stolen goods. The Professional Standards branch of  the police department is investigating how the escape could have occurred without police being aware.//[

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