Three local organizations targeted by thives

Three local organizations were targeted by bandits. In the first incident, a laptop, the property of the Special Envoy, was reportedly stolen from out of the Conference Room of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Office in Belize City. The computer went missing sometime between 6th and 3st of last month. The second incident happened in San Ignacio, where sometime between Monday evening and Tuesday morning, the Horticulture Office was broken into. Stolen were electronic items and seeds, all property of the Ministry of Agriculture. Then in Stann Creek, a plant supervisor at BWEL was held up at gun point yesterday afternoon. The supervisor says that two dark skinned men, one armed with a shotgun and the other with a machete, entered the establishment and ordered him not to move. The male with the firearm hit him behind his head, causing a large cut wound. The thieves then proceeded to search the table and took an undisclosed amount of cash from the day’s sales. They also took his wallet which contained   personal documents. Police currently have one man detained and are looking for his alleged accomplice.

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