Three Men Acquitted of the 2009 Murder of Mr. Rudolfo Villatoro

Three men from the south were today freed of the 2009 murder of Rudolfo Villatoro.  Villatoro was decapitated and mutilated and his body disposed of in a latrine pit.

A week ago, a no case submission made by defendant, Gilbert Lamb resulted in his freedom.  We understand that Lamb walked after the prosecution closed its case and none of the testimonials by witnesses implicated him or linked him to the crime.

Yesterday, the case against the two other men, Guillermo Martinez and Nicodemus Rodriguez continued in the Dangriga Supreme Court, before Justice Denis S. Hanomansingh.  The prosecution’s main witness could only tell the court that on that fatal day, she had seen the two men in the company of a man but she could not say if that man was the deceased.

Yesterday, at about 10 a.m., the jury of 12 stepped into the deliberating room to decide the fate of the two men and by 1:00 p.m., found the duo not guilty. 22 year old Gilbert Lamb was represented by Arthur Saldivar while Tricia Pitts/Anderson represented Guillermo Martinez and Nicodemus Rodriguez was represented by attorney, Oswald Twist.

The age of Martinez and Rodriguez is not certain, but we understand that they are also in their early 20’s. With today’s verdict, the killer or killers of the deceased, remain at large.  Mr. Villatoro’s body was discovered in April of 2009, on Salwood Street, located in Dangriga.  His head had been cut off and one of his arms as far as his shoulder area had been severed.  His two feet had also been cut off.

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