Three men charged for stealing red kidney beans

Three men have been charged for stealing red kidney beans! Two men and 16 year old were first detained by residents of Spanish Lookout and held until police arrived on the scene. According to reports, the thieves made their way on to the property of Norman Dueck on Sunday while Mr Dueck and his family were at church. The men, identified by police as 49 year old Benjamin Hurtado, 22 year old Jaime Moralez, and a 16 year old, all of Los Tambos village, Cayo, attempted to remove five 100 pound sacks of red kidney beans from Norman Dueck’s property, valued at over $1000. Apparently, the thieves were spotted by a neighbor and a group of Spanish Lookout residents quickly rounded up the thieves. We understand that a fourth thief escaped in some nearby bushes when the Mennonite group approached them.

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