Three persons wanted by the US appear in court

Gary Seawell, Fakhnul Salim and Deon Bruce are wanted by the United States for various charges. They all appeared on Wednesday in Magistrate’s Court before Chief Magistrate Gary-Sewell-Fighting-Extradition-to-the-U.S.-300x269Ann-Marie Smith, but two of the cases, Fakhnul Salim and Deon Bruce, were adjourned respectively to October 21 and November 18. Gary Seawell’s case proceeded with arguments from attorney Arthur Saldivar, who is also representing his brother Mark. Gary Seawell was captured after being on the run from authorities in 2010 and has been on remand ever since. But according to Mr Saldivar, the documents presented in support of his extradition contain several irregularities, including signatures from persons whose commissions had expired prior to their introduction. Arthur Saldivar charged that the U.S. knew of the expirations and suspicious character of the documents, and that an additional document from Gary Seawell’s former partner could not be admitted. On September 11, the case resumes and the Government, represented by Illiana Swift and Magali Perdomo, will respond to the allegations.

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