Three Police Officers get Entagled into Customs Trouble

News reaching PLUS News is that three officers of the Police Department are being looked at for involvement in suspicious operations by the Customs Department in Arenal. Acting Commissioner of Police, Miguel Segura, briefed the media yesterday morning.

vlcsnap-2013-12-09-17h40m31s28Mr. Miguel Segura- Acting Commissioner of Police– Acting Commissioner of Police:

  “I was briefed over an incident over the weekend.   I hopefully need to confirm it with (the media also confirmed it to customs as advice)…in these cases, Police will normally get a report from the agency itself and if the violation of the Police Act, the disciplinary court, we will proceed also with that.  There’s no two ways about it; the zero tolerance a Commissioner has in terms of the violation of the Police Act, but we are being guided and supported this operation by the Customs, so, they will have to assist us into the proceedings if we have to proceed into disciplinary action”.

Belize Police Logo 2013Reporter:  “Sir, can you tell us what this briefing has revealed?  You said basically nothing about what happened”.

Mr. Miguel Segura: “I was briefed that on a Customs operation, three officers were intercepted with a substantial amount of contraband, but I suggest that the media get the exact amount from Customs who were in the operation itself”.

Reporter:  “Sir, and even if the matter is settled out of court, these officers will still face disciplinary action?”

Mr. Miguel Segura: “It’s a prejudice to go to disciplinary action which is under the Police Act”.

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