Three Roaring Creek Men arrested for brutal chopping of teen

Three persons have been arrested and charged in connection to the brutal chopping of 18 year old Jonathon Zetina which occurred last week vlcsnap-2016-01-26-10h43m45s680in the Cayo District. They are 18 year old Oswald Orson Twist, 20 year old Orlando Smith Jr. vlcsnap-2016-01-26-10h43m37s429and 20 year old Joseph Cadle, all of Roaring Creek Village. All three were jointly charged with Attempted murder, use of deadly means of harm, maim, robbery, and arson. As we reported last week, 18 year old Jonathon Zetina was driving on the George Price Highway with three persons in his vehicle. Zetina reported that when he reached between miles 46 and 47, he felt an object placed behind his head and he was ordered to pull over . He was placed in the back seat and the vehicle was driven onto a dirt road off the highway. Zetina was lead on to a “picado” road and Oswald Twist allegedly chopped him in the back of the head and in the face. Zetina tried to escape but the other two men held him down so that the machete wielding teen could finish him off. However, Zetina managed to escape the grasp of his attackers and ran through the bushes on to the highway where a passerby stopped and picked him upThe vehicle Zetina was driving was later found that night by police, on a road off the highway in some bushes; somewhere behind where the Lands Department is housed.  Zetina lost two fingers in the incident besides being chopped to the back of the neck and vlcsnap-2016-01-26-10h43m39s624face.

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