Three teenagers detained for theft

Belize City Police have detained three persons from Belize City pending the outcome of an attempted theft report. Acting upon information received on Tuesday Feb 19th at about 11:05pm, Police visited Port of Belize located on Caesar Ridge Road, Belize City where a 41 year old Security Guard had detrained three male persons in his custody. Initial police investigation revealed that about 10:30pm lastnight, the security guard was on duty at the Port of Belize doing routine checks on the compound when he noticed that one of the boat engines was hoisted from a skiff –  “Morning Mist”, which is the property of the Port of Belize. He then made checks and found a black tools box beside the engine, and upon making further checks inside the skiff he found a 19 year old ,a 16 year old and a 17 year old of Belize City hiding under the bow of the skiff. Police have since detained all three teenagers pending the outcome of their investigation.

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