Three Vehicle Pile up in Benque

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vlcsnap-2014-06-30-20h33m44s176vlcsnap-2014-06-30-20h33m54s54The accidents didn’t end there this weekend. There was also a three vehicle collision on Sunday June 26th.   That incident left at least one man injured.

The tragedy occurred sometime after 6:00 pm on mile 71 on the George Price Highway near the village of San Jose Sucottz, Cayo.

Officer Commanding Benque Viejo Police Station Supt.  Dinsdale Thomspon explained what police have gathered so far.

vlcsnap-2014-06-30-20h37m57s198Supt.  Dinsdale Thomspon- Officer Commanding the Benque Viejo Police

“Sometime around 12:30 pm yesterday, we had a traffic accident in which a TOYOTA pick-up truck, at the time was traveling towards Benque Viejo town.  Behind the TOYOTA pick-up truck,  was a black TOYOTA Corolla car,  driven at the time by Mr. Rodolfo Botero.  When the TOYOTA car then intended to overtake, while he was overtaken, the TOYOTA pick-up truck hit the TOYOTA pick-up truck, which caused it to lose control and went into thye lane of the grey NISSAN pick-up truck that was traveling in the opposite direction, causing damage to the occupants of the TOYOTA pick-up truck and of the NISSAN pick-up truck”.

5 persons were injured during the collision.  However according to police none of those injuries were life threatening.  Though it is not confirmed, the cops believe that the influence of alcohol may have been a factor in this incident.

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