Toledo Farmer Charged with Drugs

A farmer of San Pedro Columbia, Toledo, was formally arrested and charged this morning after he was busted with 276.6 grams of weed. According to police reports, on Wednesday April 22nd, at about 2:40 pm based on Intelligence PC Julio Sanchez and Special Branch police officers set up a sting take out operation at the junction of Trio Village on the Southern Highway where they waited for an RDS bus line coming from the direction of Punta Gorda. When the bus came to a stop at the location police observed 46 year old Reuben Ical coming out of the bus. A search was conducted on a black school bag that Ical was wearing which revealed several wrapped black plastic bags containing suspected weed. A further search on Ical lead police to discover a wrapped transparent plastic bag containing suspected week inside his right socks. Police searched his left socks and found another transparent plastic bag containing suspected weed. Police Quote Ical as saying, “I the try hustle and I tek this weed da Trio, I will be honest.”As a result 46 year old Reuben Ical was arrested anch charged for the offence of drug trafficking. vlcsnap-2015-04-24-09h46m42s4

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