Toni Pasos wants lesser sentence for stabbing man 50 times

32 Year old Toni Pasos, a laborer of Orange Walk Town, who was sentenced to 17 years for Man Slaughter, in 2016, appeared before the Court of Appeal yesterday to appeal for a lesser sentence. Pasos conviction was for the killing of 51 year old Miguel “Chino” Medina, a resident of Orange Walk Town. Median was stabbed 50 times in December of 2014. Evidence shows that Medina was socializing in his bedroom with Pasos and two other men when he insulted Pasos and Pasos drew a knife and stabbed him. Pasos was not found guilty of murder being that it was a case of provocation; however he was sentenced to 17 years for man slaughter. Pasos was represented by his attorney, Hubert Elrington, who appealed on the grounds that the prosecution failed to give evidence as to what the provocation was, but admitted that it was extreme and that the trial judge should have imposed the minimum sentence.  The Director of Public Prosecutions, Cheryl Vidal, submitted that the range for sentencing for manslaughter was 12 to 25 years. The Court of Appeal has reserved its decision in the appeal.

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