Top Associations Make Public Outcry to Boycott Bowen and Bowen Products

22274167The Association of Public Service Senior Managers, the Belize Communications workers Union and the National Trade Union Congress of Belize say they are calling on all their members and the wider public to boycott all Bowen and Bowen products on Friday, March 21, 2014.

This is to further display the unions’ disquiet and concern over the  recent release of nineteen employees by the Bowen and Bowen group of companies.  The company had released the employees due to redundancy but according to a release from the APSSM,

the circumstances around which these download (1)employees were driven to take action (employment status alteration), feeling compelled to come out publicly with their plight, is indeed a travesty accelerated by a total breakdown of industrial relations. 

Put simply, the facts surrounding this case that have been made available for public consumption, mirror procedural missteps and dictate nothing short of the need for the employees to be reinstated; after the proper channels are charted and undertaken.”

The release says Bowen and Bowen group of Companies should seriously take into consideration the call for reinstatement of the employees in order to restore public confidence in the working environment and culture cultivated by the company as it relates to, above all security of tenure for its employees.

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