Top Heavyweight boxer Jarrell Miller inspires Belizean youth

Belizean Jarrell Miller, known as the Big Baby ,is one of the top heavyweight contenders in the world . In fact, he is ranked in the top five by the WBA, the IBF and the WBO.  Miller was born in Belize but migrated to the United States at the age of 6. He is currently on a visit to Belize and is using the opportunity to speak words of inspiration and motivation to Belizean young people. This morning, he was in Belmopan a the Belmopan Civic Center where he spoke to police cadets and other attendees.vlcsnap-2018-01-09-10h55m26s099 vlcsnap-2018-01-09-10h55m19s617

Jarrell Miller:

The main thing is steady fast which mean you keep your chin down and hands up and keep moving forward because you are going to take hits in life and you could get hit in a wring but you know champions don’t quit you can’t quit you can’t see. You might have a hard round. You might have a hard day or even a hard week or a hard year. But the main goal is staying focus and success will come when you have a game plan. Having people around you makes it a lot easier, having a backbone that’s willing to help support you when I those times your feeling you’re about to fall down and they have that they are ahead of the game in Belize right now so I feel the main thing is the adults got to step up a little more and the government will step up funding certain projects for kids. It would be a 360 a round for Belize. ]

Jarrell also spoke of his plans to open a gym in Belize.vlcsnap-2018-01-09-10h55m42s376 vlcsnap-2018-01-09-10h55m57s085

Jarrell Miller:

So my goal now is opening two gyms, one would be like right in Belize City right around Kings Park so I feel like that’s the area that I really rough and a lot of kids outlet Belize has a lot of stress and energy. So I feel like that’s one gym that I can do. Like say I just hit town and I stay them for a couple days, workout, train with them talk with them get a vibe for what’s going out in the city and in the town and in open a camp in maybe like Placencia or in San Pedro where it is more isolated away from distractions where I’m training for my big fights.  

Jarrell Miller’s next fight to be aired on HBO Boxing is in April of this year.

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