Phone Top-up Agent Zoila Elizabeth Garcia Cowardly Assasinated in Las Flores

vlcsnap-2013-12-05-16h52m02s96A family in the Las Flores area of Belmopan is tonight desperately seeking answers in the senseless killing of their loved one.  29 year old Zoila Elizabeth Garcia, a well-known and much liked Phone Top Up Agent was gunned down near the Marla’s House of Hope Children’s home, about ten minutes away from her residence. She was on her way to deposit the proceeds of her sales, her motionless body was discovered around 8 p.m.

It is not certain who may have committed such a heinous act or why. Police investigation is still at an early stage, however they have apprehended one person of interest.  On Wednesday afternoon, we spoke with Assistant Superintendent of Police, Sinquest Martinez.

vlcsnap-2013-12-05-16h53m50s197ASP Sinquest Martinez-  Officer in Charge of the Belmopan Police

Belize Police Logo 2013“Police were on mobile patrol last night when they come across Elizabeth Garcia’s body.   We processed the scene; the body was taken to the Western Regional Hospital, which was pronounced dead on arrival by the doctor.  So far, what we have gathered, there are two things that we are following pertaining to this investigation.  I am not at liberty to divulge it because it could have an impact into the investigation.  We haven’t established a real motive because we are getting two informations that we are following up.   I will not elaborate much on it.  We have one person detained that could assist us in this investigation”.

That theory ASP Martinez mentioned is the possibility that Garcia was the target of an armed robbery. According to her mother, who is understandably devastated by the loss of her daughter, a bag containing money which Garcia had on her at the time, is missing.

vlcsnap-2013-12-05-17h05m38s38Mrs. Marina Garcia- Mother of Ms. Zoila Elizabeth Garcia

vlcsnap-2013-12-05-16h59m00s218“She was murdered.  She was carrying her cell phone in her hand and the money to pay that she had earned for her boss.   The little bag was the only item she had missing.  She was heading to pay her Top-up credit.  It is assumed that it was an assault to rob her money.  Earlier, I asked her to please take me to church.  She took me there and then she said that she was going to go for a meal with her boyfriend”.

Ms. Zoila leaves behind a throng of bereaved family and friends, as her sister told us, she was a friendly and caring individual.

vlcsnap-2013-12-05-18h04m08s146 Ms. Evelin Marleni Garcia- Ms. Zoila Elizabeth’s Sister

“When I got the news, I was at my home at Armenia and I had no idea what was happening.  So, to this time right now, I’m just shocked.

Reporter:  “When was the last time you saw your sister?”

Ms. Evelin Garcia:  “On Saturday..on Saturday we went out…at Spanish Lookout”.

Reporter:  “What would be one of the things that you remember most about her?”

Ms. Evelin Garcia:  “That would be her love as sister…you know…we use to share everything together.   She…I don’t know…it’s just hard for me.  My sister was very friendly.   I knew she had a lot of friends right here and everywhere”.

They family says at this point, they are only asking for justice.

Ms. Evelin Marleni Garcia:  “It’s just hard because last year we lost our brother and to lose my only sister is really hard for me and my mom.  She‘s taking it really hard.   I just leave things in God’s hand and I want justice because I think it is really not fair what they did to her because it didn’t seem that she had any problems with anyone.   Right now I’m just confused and I have no clue why they did this.  So, I want justice!

Ms. Zoila Elizabeth had only recently lost her brother, Ally Ismael Garcia, also know as “El British”, last year in an alleged crossfire with the Belize Coast Guard north of Ambergris Caye.   

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