Torch Run for Special Olympics games

vlcsnap-5878-02-25-16h01m37s202Members of the Police Department and other law enforcement agencies are participating in a torch run which began yesterday. The torch run is a fundraiser event aimed at raising monies for the Special Olympics that will be held at the Marion Jones Sporting Complex. The group ofvlcsnap-5622-07-16-20h34m50s891
runners left Punta Gorda in high spirits on Monday morning and arrived in Dangriga in the afternoon. Today, December 1, they left Dangriga early this morning and within four and a half hours, arrived at the roundabout at the entrance of Belmopan. There, they were welcomed by Inspector Stephanie Grinage, who was handed the Torch of Hope by one of the runners. Inspector Grinage  then ran with the Torch of Hope from the roundabout to the entrance of the market where she handed it over to the acting Mayor of Belmopan, Miss Louise Willis.


Louise Willise, Interim Mayor Blmp: This morning we welcomed the Law Enforcement vlcsnap-2985-02-20-05h02m00s526Torch run into Belmopan. The law enforcement torch run basically is made up of law enforcement officers of the Belize Police Department, the Belize Coast Guard, and Custom and Immigration. This body raises funds for Special Olympics Belize. Last year this body rose over $7,000. This year, according to Sergeant Carcamo, who is the person in charge of this run, he will be making more than that amount of money. I am urging the citizens of Belmopan and the residents of Belmopan and the citizens of Belize on a whole to, whenever they see this Law Enforcement Torch run body passing into their area, kindly come out and donate. Donate to Special Olympics Belize.  

Coordinator for the torch run, Sergeant  Elroy Carcomo, told us what the torch run signifies.


vlcsnap-3402-10-20-22h28m58s782Elroy Carcomo, Coordinator Torch Run: The Law Enforcement Torch Run is a run that we have every year. This is the fourth one for the years that we have started out in 2012. It is being spearheaded by the Police Department and it includes other law enforcement agencies such as BDF, Customs, Coast Guard, Fire Department, and Immigration. What happened is that we commenced yesterday in Punta Gorda, made our way up to Dangriga and this morning we left from Dangriga and came to Belmopan. The law enforcement torch run is a fund raising event and also a sensitization event for Special Olympics Belize. It is a signature event of the Law Enforcement Torch Run program where we take the torch across the country and then into the area where they will be having the National games. This year the National games will be held at the Marion Jones Sporting Complex in Belize City on the 4th of December expected to commence at 9am when the torches are taken in to signify the opening of the National Games.vlcsnap-0190-02-15-01h28m53s636

Carcomo also told us about how this initiative came about.


Elroy Carcomo, Coordinator Torch Run: In 1981 Chief Richard MoLione saw the need for assisting people with intellectual disabilities and we decided to form a program to support, and that is when he started the Law Enforcement Torch Run, and it was very successful the first year, and it became something that spread worldwide. Right now we have over the last year, the law enforcement torch run made over $46M US for Special Olympics Belize. The idea is to assist or Special athletes to give them what they need beside the love, they need financial support to get the equipment , gears, so they get training year round and that is what we’re trying to do here for Belize.  

The group heads to Hattieville tomorrow and after that, they will head up to Corozal and start a brand new Torch run from there. They willt hen head to Orange Walk and thenl move to Ladyville with both torches. They will then complete the torch run with both torches to the Marion Jones Sporting Complex in Belize City where the Special Olympics will be held.

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