Tour Guide Shot and Killed in San Pedro


vlcsnap-2014-03-06-17h41m37s5SP PolicePolice are investigating and said to have one person detained for the death of tour guide J Jeffrey Eiley of San Pedro Town, Ambergris Caye, early this morning.

Police information states that the 32 year old Eiley and a man known to him were involved in an altercation on the beach front and had to be dispersed from the area by police. Mr. Eiley left, but he was shot by unknown assailants at the corner of Angel Coral and Tarpon Streets, several times.

Mr. Eiley was taken to the polyclinic and formally pronounced dead at 3:30 a.m.  The body arrived this morning in Belize City around 5:30, and is now at the city morgue for a post-mortem examination.

Family members are particularly distraught as he was not known to be in trouble with the law or at odds with anyone. His aunt is former area representative for Belize Rural South Ms. Patty Arceo.  She was in Belize City today and shared further details.

vlcsnap-2014-03-06-18h17m34s62Ms. Patty Arceo- Aunt of the Deceased

“What we understand right now is that two gentlemen were involved, and the thing is that my nephew was gunned down, was riddled 13 times.  His father went to pick him up and is distraught.  Who wants to go pick up their child in such at this way?    Nobody wants that.  But the thing is that one of the gentlemen has been apprehended, and I ask also that the people who are out there, be careful also who you go defending, because again and again we defend and put the same murderers back on the streets.  When will it stop?  When will this cycle of violence stop?”

Ms. Arceo lives three houses away from former political opponent and current area representative Manuel Heredia Jr.   Today she called on the Government to intervene and stop what she calls the infestation of drugs and violence in La Isla Bonita.

vlcsnap-2014-03-06-17h41m28s0Ms. Patty Arceo:  “We are very hurt because my nephew was never involved in gang, but yes, there are gangs in San Pedro.  Where I live, the Hon. Area Representative only lives three houses in San Pedro, Tarpon Street and Chicken Street, and I’ll be honest with you, our area is the most area riddled with drugs and many time you hear gunshots, and it’s a shame to see that a past area rep and a three term area representative will live in such conditions in San Pedro.  Don’t think that everything…the sun is shining everyday in San Pedro; we have a war zone. 

Mr. Eiley is survived by a young daughter with whom he had spent all of Wednesday playing, participating in the local carnival that precedes Ash Wednesday.  Police investigations continue.

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