Tourism Minister says they did nothing wrong on Paumen

The Bradley Paumen saga’s many tentacles stretch to no less than four Ministries – Works, Natural Resources, Tourism and the Prime vlcsnap-2016-02-05-11h17m38s309Minister’s own office. The American businessman now accused of abetment to murder after a dispute with a business rival that went against him in court prompted him to allegedly consider ending that person’s life had a previously sterling reputation within the tourism sector as creator and manager of Dark Night Enterprises. Minister of Tourism and Civil Aviation Manuel Heredia Jr. today defended his Ministry’s actions toward Paumen.We asked the Minister about declaring Paumen’s road to Dark Night open to the general public. He says that while it should be, it is ultimately a matter for the Ministry of Natural ResourcesActually, as the Ministry of Natural Resources was rapped on the knuckles in court for taking on powers it did not have in acquiring the land in question, it is the Ministry of Works, according to Minister Senator Godwin Hulse, vlcsnap-2016-02-05-11h17m47s189who will have the final say.

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