Tourism police officer shot and killed near Guatemalan border

A Tourism Police Officer, Danny Conorguie, was shot and killed Thursday morning in the Cayo District, at the Caracol Archeological Site.

Reports are that just before midday , 20 year-old Special Constable (SC) Danny Conorquie, assigned to the Tourism Police Unit was shot and killed in the line of duty, at the Caracol Archaeological Site in the Cayo District. Initial reports from the Government Press Office indicate that SC Conorquie was approached from behind by  two men of Hispanic descent, who fired several shots at him fatally wounding him.

An official press release indicates that the men were on horseback, however according to police officers on the ground, there were three  men and the men were on foot as they ambushed SC Conorquie from behind as he was sitting down under a thatch house. Information on the ground also revealed that only one of the men opened fire from a 9mm pistol which hit SC Conorquie on the head. He fell over and was shot two more times by his assailants.

OC Dinsdale Thompson, who had his head inspector at the scene, told us more.


Murder0003Dinsdaile Thompson – Superintendant of Police, Officer Commanding San Ignacio Police Station

“While he was at the location this morning in Caracol, three gunmen went to him.  One of them a handgun and fatally shot and killed Danny, at the location. 

We have received three expended shells, which did hit him, one in the head, and the other in his body. 





“Sir, are there any indications as to the motive of this shooting?


Dinsdaile Thompson

“That we are still looking at.  Our investigators are looking at  the motive. 



“Sir, were there any tourists at the time of the incident around the area?


Dinsdaile Thompson

“Yes, we understand that there were some tourists in the area at the time, however none of them did get hurt.  There was an exchange of fire with the gunmen and another Police that was stationed at the area at the time. 



“Has Police been in communication with your Guatemalan counterparts, to try and figure out who these people are?


Dinsdaile Thompson

“That we will peruse, but not that we can update the media with so far.”


According to information released from the Government Press Office, this incident occurred in the general vicinity of the main temple at the Mayan ruin,  in plain view of several tourists and tour operators.

Security forces were deployed to the scene and tourists were safely transported out of the area by the Belize Tourism Board. Additional security personnel have since been deployed to the Caracol Archaeological Site to ensure the safety of the hundreds of visitors who frequent the site.

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