Tourism Police Unit receives new vehicles

The Ministries of National Security and Tourism have collaborated to equip the Tourism Police Unit with 3 new Mazda pickup trucks, solving a longstanding need for mobility there. Its head, Inspector Carla Gamboa, was especially grateful for the donation. Commissioner of vlcsnap-2016-02-05-14h59m21s984Police Allen Whylie said during his remarks that the vehicles would be assigned, respectively, to the Tourism Village in Belize City; Caracol in San Ignacio, for patrols and spot checks, and the third to act as a roving patrol vehicle visiting major tourist destinations countrywide. Minister Saldivar explained why these areas were thought to be most important. Minister Heredia said this demonstrates the importance of the industry, now Belize’s second largest by revenue collected, but which has been rocked by recent crime and safety issues.The value of the donation is approximately 200 thousand dollars.vlcsnap-2016-02-05-14h59m26s984

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