Tourist Dies at Blue Hole Natural Monument

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SP PoliceA tourist died while on a dive in Blue Hole Natural Monument. According to Marcus Alamina, Belizean Boat captain, Dive master and Tour Guide , Thursday morning at about 6:25 a.m., he and three other Dive masters accompanied by 19 tourists, left Ramón’s Village dock en route to the Blue Hole Natural Monument.  Upon arrival, he gave a briefing and then separated them into two groups.

About two minutes into the dive, he noticed that a tourist, Larry Smith, was trembling tremendously and seemed to be experiencing some difficulties as he was breathing rapidly and his eyes dilated, shortly after he stopped trembling and his regulator dropped out of his mouth and he became  motionless.

He was brought to the surface but he was already dead.  His body awaits a post-mortem examination.

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