Tourist drowns while snorkeling

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There was a drowning of another American tourist in San Pedro on Monday February 1st. 58-year-old, Jeffrey Thomas Bartl died during a snorkeling trip. According to police,  Jeffrey Bartl, his brother Clayton and two other friends all went on a snorkeling tour with Ambergris Divers at Hol Chan Marine Reserve. Around 15 minutes into the snorkeling, the tour guide saw that Jeffery was not responding to his calls as he had his head submerged under the water. The guide says he immediately swam to Bartl and found out that he was not breathing. Jeffrey was pulled from the water and CPR was conducted on him until they arrived at the San Pedro Poly Clinic where he was pronounced dead on arrival at 10:00 a.m.The body was then transported to the KHMH where a post-mortem examination conducted certified the cause of death as “Asphyxia due to Drowning”.

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