Tourists fined for cocaine possession

A trio of visitors to Belize is out $500 each after pleading guilty to possession of a controlled substance, 0.6 grams of cocaine, while on the island of Caye Caulker, Belize District.

American nationals John Conner and Chelsea Fitch, and Swedish national Johanna Holst were at the dock on Caye Caulker while a special constable and some police officers were patrolling the area. The special constable saw a member of the group vlcsnap-2015-02-06-05h17m26s184vlcsnap-2015-02-06-05h17m13s47containing Conner, Fitch and Holst kick away a transparent plastic bag. On retrieving the bag the cocaine was discovered, but the person who kicked the bag escaped before he could be detained.

John Conner, Chelsea Fitch and Johanna Holst were detained, arrested and charged and paid the fines immediately upon pleading guilty, before Chief Magistrate Ann-Marie Smith.

On Thursday  afternoon the person initially seen kicking the bag was brought to court. Caye Caulker resident and plumber vlcsnap-2015-02-06-05h17m46s123Maurice Usher, 32, was read his charge before Magistrate Dale Cayetano and pleaded not guilty.

Maurice Usher was detained on Wednesday, when police detained the tourists, but he was taken to a clinic in Caye Caulker after he became ill, and he was given a self-bail when he was well enough to leave the clinic.


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