Tourists take PGIA stress in stride

On Saturday we spoke to a few visitors heading out of Belize before normal service was resumed and for the most part they took the news of flight delays in stride.

A young woman we spoke to said she hoped to get back in time for school in the U.S.



“We were told that the Air Traffic Control people in the tower were on strike.

vlcsnap-2015-02-24-10h27m20s99We were supposed to leave in three or four hours, but it’s probably going to be longer than that.  We don’t really know. 

We got here about a week ago, and are trying to head back home.

We have a connecting flight in Atlanta.  We left some time in case something happened, but I’m not really sure if it gets delayed past today, then I’m not really sure what we’re planning on doing.

I’m a student, so I’ll be late for school.”


Jason from Idaho, who has been to Belize before, says he personally doesn’t mind driving down in a vehicle but warns that an incident like this does leave a sour taste in some visitors’ mouths.


vlcsnap-2015-02-24-10h37m27s13Jason – Tourist

“Oh, we were standing in line there and they say the flight was delayed, and then we discovered that, I guess, the folks here are on strike.

Our flight was at 9:45.

I don’t know if we’ll make [the connecting flight] or not.  I’m just curious how long they’re planning on striking. 

I’ve got six kids. It’s inconvenient for sure.

I would think that this would not be productive advertizing for Belize for tourism.  Here we are coming down here to Belize, and now we can’t get out.  I would think that that would have an adverse effect on people wanting to vacation in Belize.”


A second man we spoke with said that Belize does bring its own share of concerns although he seemed untroubled.

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