Toys For Tots Hosts Kids Party

United Airlines logo 1United Airlines’ Toys for Tots program hosted its annual Christmas event at the House of Culture for fifty underprivileged children from Belize City’s Southside.  With details here is country manager, Indira Craig.

vlcsnap-2013-12-10-20h44m46s51Ms. Indira Craig- Country Manager

“Toys for Tots is a part of the United Airlines and staff initiative who came here ten years ago under Continental at that time.  The focus was to look at underprivileged children and then be able to provide them with some sort of entertainment.  This is a corporate initiative”.

Reporter:  “So, they will be getting free meals and toys, boys and girls?” 

Ms. Indira Craig:  Well, what the program consists of, is we invite five  kids from Southside Primary School and have vlcsnap-2013-12-10-20h29m32s69them over at the house of Culture.  We have one big day of entertainment, music, gifts, have the clowns, a burger and fries that’s going to be joining us today, we have Santa Claus that’s going to be stopping by,  and bringing a bag of goodies for the kids.  Every child will leave here with a toy.  We will also  be able to give them toys for the game activities that we have scheduled out for them and the big event that is always the main event of this program is the grand prize game.  Today, we have a boy and a girl walking away with a tablet”.

And from what we saw, the kids had themselves a grand old time. We spoke to two of them, Iman and Camryn, Standard 3 students from Muslim Community Primary School.

vlcsnap-2013-12-10-20h35m45s209Craig told us that while today is the highlight of their year, the Toys for Tots programme is doing more to spread cheer across the calendar.

Fundraising for the initiative came through the proceeds of raffle tickets sold at the United booth at this year’s Expo.

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