Tractor crashes into house in Camalote causing extensive damage






Imagine spending what seemed to be an ordinary Saturday afternoon watching television in the family’s living room, when a tractor comes crashing into your home. That’s what one family in Camalote Village experienced this weekend, when a front end loader, property of the Ministry of Public Works, smashed into their master bedroom. No one was inside the room at the time and so thankfully no one was hurt. The house, on the other hand, was extensively damaged. Home owner Hubert Mark told us that it is only by the grace of God that he was not in the wrecking way of the tractor. He explained why.

Hubert Mark – Owner of Damaged Home:

vlcsnap-2013-08-13-09h13m18s49While I was on the main road coming from Teakettle, I got a call that a tractor has run into the structure of my house.  It broke the porch and entered into the front master bedroom. At my arrival I saw the tractor.  It destroyed the front of the structure and [debris] is inside the building.  Those are the hours I am normally taking my little rest, being a retired man.  Thank God that I was not there.  God makes provisions for His children. He protects His children.  So I am well pleased that He’s always with me.


Mr Mark further told us what authorities have told him regarding the circumstances of the crash. The Ministry of Works, he says, has committed to repairing the substantial dent which now remains very visible in the family’s home.

Hubert Mark – Owner of Damaged Home:

According to the information that I heard, they say the brakes failed.  When the brakes failed, then the vehicle came to a complete stop, that it couldn’t go no further, no forward, no back.  He couldn’t stop the vehicle, so he kept going, proceeding all the way until he get into the structure with the same force that he came with. 

They say the operator was not an operator.  He was an unauthorized operator.  That’s what they say.  I’m just saying what they said.  The supervisor said the guy was not authorized to operate the equipment.  He was just a labourer, but he jumped on the equipment and operated it.  But that’s no excuse for that at this present time.  When the damages happen, we have to look for the solution to the damages.  The damage has already taken place.  We cannot reverse that.  So we’re looking forward that the problem will be solved by them paying the damages that they agreed they will pay on this structure. 

The cost of damages according to the owner of the home is an estimated $50,000.

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