Trade license fees doubled; owner says victimization; court agrees

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vlcsnap-2015-09-11-23h37m07s757Roger Riveroll, the owner of River’s Furniture World, has been paying more that he should in his trade license fees. On the 19th of January, Riveroll received his trade license assessment and when he and his
accountants looked closely at the assessment, they realized that their fees had been doubled.  Riveroll says that the only time that a trade license fees should increase is when the business has doubled in production and income and as far as he knows, no one had come to assess his business and to see if his company had grown. So, Riveroll decided to take his case to the courts.

 Roger Riveroll

On 19th January, we received our trade liscense assessment of four hundred and fifty dollars from the Town Council but at the time we never had the money to pay and then late after the election they sent us a next assessment for nine hundred dollars  assesessed for January, 2015 but never somebody came here to assess the place and our business has never grown. We are still the same size and we received a double of price so we decide to go and pay the town council four fifty and when we pay the town council four fifty our balance is zero but they scratched it with a pen and say we owe four hundred and fifty dollars. So we decided to take it to court because why? No explanation, no justification of why they are increasing our trade license. We never received nothing.

In court, the judge ruled in favor of River’s Furniture World. Riverol says that  doubling of his fees were proven to be a case of victimization. He told us why he believes this happened to him.

Roger Riveroll

Well, the reality because we showed our color on election day that is why I know from the beginning, I told my parents that this is only vlcsnap-2015-09-11-23h36m38s319 because on election day we show our color and we are being victimized by the this present UDP Town vlcsnap-2015-09-11-23h36m19s222Council, noh. Because there is no justification, nobody came to our business and we have never grown bigger. Our business is the same. We are working the same. We are not increasing. Our volume of work haven’t increased.

Riveroll says that if this happening to anyone else, they should take it to the courts to seek justice.

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