Union leaders support Government’s salary adjustment proposal

On Friday, February 1st, members of the Joint Negotiation Team for the Trade Unions, met with the Prime Minister and the relevant Cabinet Ministers. This past Saturday, the Joint Councils of the three unions APSSM, BNTU and PSU, met to consider the proposals that were crafted at that meeting. President of the Public Service Union Mr. Marvin Blades spoke with the press today where he discussed features of the Salary Adjustment Proposal.

Marvin Blades – President of PSU:

vlcsnap-2013-02-04-19h44m46s14It will go on the revenue out-turn of of base year 2012/2013. Then, whatever is the difference between 2012/2013 base year and 2013/2014 base year, that will be what Government will give 50/50 to the Unions for the salary adjustment, assuming there is more in-between the two years.  In the interim the increment will continue.   Also important is that there will be a committee.  One Committee will finalize the propasal, details of the proposal that Government is giving.  And the other Committee is going to look at the actual revenue departments of the Ministry, to finalise those numbers, to look at the numbers, because still couldn’t have a cohesion of those numbers, and also to look at revenue collecting omprovements.  So those are some of the links that are in the proposal. Now, if this is to happen, the proposal includes financial year 2014/2015, 2015/2016, 2016/2017, three years straight. And the maximim  that any officer could get will be 10%.

At the Joint Councils’ meeting, the overwhelming majority of those in attendance voted in support of the proposal as well as to return to membership for endorsement. Blades spoke about when those meetings will be carried out.

Marvin Blades – President of PSU:

The majoroty of our executive endorse the proposal, and so it gave us the green light to carry out the proposal now to membership,  the first meeting being Wednesday in Belize City, right here.  We don’t know the exact location, but we’ll finalise that, and definately the press will know about it. We are hoping to at least have by next week Minday/Tuesday at the latest. [The public will know] what’s the finalized answer from the entire council if management, the entire membership of the three unions. What we are looking at right now is that with the proposal, we’re taking it out to membership, and based on what membership tells us, then I can take it further. It’s not a “Yes” until it’s finalised by membership, because we represent membership.  I cannot permaturely sign something that membershipdid not give me directive to do.  So as you know, at the union we have to through our links. When membership says “Yes”, I’m with it.  If it say “No”, then we have to go back to the table.

Blades was also questioned as to whether the Joint Negotiation Team has received anything official from Castellanos.

Marvin Blades – President of PSU:

No, we have not.  In fact, we are hoping to get a meeting, before that meeting on Wednesday, with Mr Castellanos, to find out, ’cause what we know is what you guys reported on the news.

Salary Adjustment payout would commence in July 2014 retroactive to 1st April 2014.  The Proposal applies to all teachers, public officers and pensioners.

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