Traffic Accident Claims Man’s Life

vlcsnap-2014-02-24-20h13m26s158The family of 52 year old Anthony Hunter, Sr., is preparing him to rest following a fatal accident reported on Saturday.

Hunter was accompanying a friend on the George Price Highway on his Kawasaki motorcycle when he hit the rear end of a yellow Caterpillar backhoe belonging to Cisco Construction.

With the police’s version of the story here is investigator Mr. Vidal Cajun.

vlcsnap-2014-02-24-20h22m17s83Mr. Vidal Cajun- Investigating Police Officer

“Initial investigation reveals that sometime around 7:55 a.m, a yellow backhoe tractor without license plates, Caterpillar, was coming from the direction of Hattieville to Belize City and upon almost entering into a street…I believe that street is Linda Vista Street., a motorcycle approaching on the opposite direction which was driven by the now deceased who’s then identity was learnt to be Anthony Hunter Sr. 52 years, date of birth, 31.12. 61, Belizean of # 6111 Dolphin Drive, Belize City, was approaching at a high speed, I understand, (we are not sure of that as yet) upon overtaking a vehicle, the cycle crashed into the right rear wheel of the backhoe tractor, causing him to fly off the motorcycle and unto the iron foot of the tractor and then landed on the middle of the road where he was observed”.

Police have taken a sample from the tractor driver, identified as Arthur Stevens and has served a notice of intended prosecution as the investigation continues.  The sudden loss is devastating for Hunter’s family.  His sister, Lourdes Smith, told us more in an off-camera interview.

Ms. Lourdes Smith- Sister of the Deceased

“We were told that he was escorting a customer who had rented an automobile to show vlcsnap-2014-02-24-19h20m28s244vlcsnap-2014-02-24-20h49m09s158where the Western Highway was and as he was on the Western Highway, he sped off.  The person that had rented the automobile said that he went around the curve, he saw that he had already crashed into a backhoe.  We were told that the backhoe was reversing from a street onto the highway.  So, he hit the back-wheel from the side and was thrown into the middle of the highway, but it was instant”.

Now, Smith says, the family, including Hunter’s widow and his three sons, must move on.

Ms. Lourdes Smith:  “Yes but we all are very strong.  We have a very strong faith.  Anthony was a person that believed heavily in the Lord, and his family have a very, very strong faith.  So, we are doing okay where pulling through this”.

Bro. Anthony Hunter was the son of former PUP Minister Fred Hunter.

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