Traffic accident in Ladyville could have been worse





Three persons are lucky to be alive following a nearly tragic set of circumstances in Ladyville over the weekend. According to Inspector Christopher Noble of the Ladyville Police substation, Good Samaritans seeking to respond to a previous accident on the highway were themselves hit by an oncoming vehicle.

ASP Chris Noble – Rural Executive Officer:

vlcsnap-2013-09-24-10h48m02s211There was a traffic accident involving two vehicles.  An accident had happened prior and persons had stop to assist and persons on the highway may have not noticed the vehicles on the road and they knocked down and eventually drove into one of the persons assisting. Three persons were injured.  They were taken to the Karl Heusner. We are looking into the circumstances, also,  of the driver of the vehicle that was on the major highway. The area was very dark and lighting may have been a factor, however, vehicles do have lights. We only want to know that persons should be careful when driving on the highways especially in times of festivities, because we all know that one of the major contributing factors to traffic accidents is alcohol. If we find that it was a factor then we will lay forth charges.

Inspector Noble says samples have been taken from the driver of the third vehicle involved but puts down the first accident to poor lighting conditions.

Inspector Chris Noble:

As per protocol, we did get samples, and we will await the results of that.  A vehicle had run off the road.  Persons had stopped to assist.  Persons that had stopped to assist were seen by other persons and they stopped.  A vehicle did run into one of these vehicles, and the persons that had stopped to assist. We have three persons in the hospital.

vlcsnap-2013-09-24-10h48m31s249The Inspector says it is truly remarkable that no one died as a result of the incident.

Inspector Chris Noble:

The last vehicle is the only driver that we can say we got samples from, and we’re still looking into it.  To say that [with] the first vehicle alcohol was a factor, everyone knows it’s a funny piece of highway, and if you don’t know the road it will tend to put you off it, if you don’t know where you’re going.  Like I said before, lighting may have been a factor, but one would need to be careful when driving on the road. 

Every incident we have that nobody dies is a fortunate incident.  And for these people , the persons are from Burrell Boom, the likelihood of them being dead was very high and thankfully none succumbed.

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