Traffic Accident on Hummingbird Highway

There was a near fatal traffic accident about one and half miles on the Humming bird Highway sometime after 2 pm this afternoon. The incident has put five people in the hospital. Two are being treated for minor injuries and three we understand are in a serious condition at the Western Regional Hospital. Reports are that a ford pickup truck loaded with household items was travelling in the direction of Belmopan. Upon going downhill the ford pickup  truck bumped into a BMW which caused the BMW to veer off into the opposing lane and collide into an incoming grey four door suzuki vehicle. 25 year old Marlon Alfonso Jr, The driver of the black ford pickup truck spoke to Plus News explaining the situation.

Marlon Alfonso Jr. – Eye Witnessvlcsnap-2015-08-03-10h39m07s162

“Me and my friend, who collided into the next vehicle, were heading from Dangriga to Corozal transporting his home items as he got transferred from Immigration, Dangriga branch to Corozal boarder. We were heading this way and just before we meet this entrance, I was all the way at the back by the garage-  that you see behind ,when I saw a blue 4 Runner  entering in this direction. Apparently he entered but did not fully entered . He parked within the entrance, vlcsnap-2015-08-03-10h39m58s170staying half way in and half way out. The guy, Philip, parked just there and I started to breaks from where the garage is but with the weight of the load, it was sliding right down. I started to blow trying to divert and only hit the right hand side of the vehicle and that’s when I hit them into the left hand side of the rare side of his vehicle. That diverted him to the middle of the road and hit the next Suzuki. When I hit them from this side, he spin this way and that is when he hit the other one and the other one went right into the drain.”


Cpl. Norman Coye – Head of Police Traffic Dept.vlcsnap-2015-08-03-10h36m47s42

” Information received was that there were four persons traveling in the other vehicle. One person got minor injuries and three persons got injuries that so far we are told are serious.”

  Emanuel Pech  – Plus TV Reporter

“Was anybody injured in the other car – the BMW that you mentioned?”

 Cpl. Norman Coye

vlcsnap-2015-08-03-10h05m19s99“Yes, the driver got injured in the BMW and the person in the Ford pickup did not sustain any injury. He walked away from this accident.”

Corporal Coye head of the Belmopan Police Traffic Department says he hopes to see more being done on road stretches like this one. He believes that if bumps were placed somewhere along this incline that there will be less traffic accidents in this downhill stretch.

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