Traffic Accident on the George Price Highway





Shortly before our newscast Wednesday evening there was a traffic accident on the George Price Highway right in front of the Harmonyville community. The accident involved a white Toyota pick up truck driven at the time by Shawn Fuller of Belmopan.  According to Fuller, who was alone in the vehicle at the time, he was just about to overtake a public bus which had stopped to drop off people when another vehicle, a black one, pushed him off the road and sped off. According to one eyewitness, Shawn Fuller’s vehicle made at least four flips in the air before it landed and flipped a couple of times, before coming to rest about 100 feet from the roadside. Mr Fuller miraculously walked out of the wrecked pickup truck and told PlusNews off camera that thankfully he was wearing his seatbelt. Shawn Fuller escaped with only minor scratches and complained of a small pain in his neck. Several residents from the area, including a police officer heading to Belmopan rushed to render assistance. Up to the time we left the scene the police had not yet arrived.

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