Transferred Senior Nurses Have Years of Service in Present Location

Seven senior nurses are being transferred across the country and the Nurses Association has expressed its disapproval and concern.

vlcsnap-2014-05-23-18h45m32s95We have reported that the association says that the proposed transfer is being spearheaded by Dr. Peter Allen, CEO in the Ministry of Health and the association “views the management of the entire process by the CEO as total disrespect and disregard for nurses and the nursing profession!

The Association says Allen did it with no laising with the Chief Nursing officer or the Director of Health Services who are directly responsible for the technical staff of  the Ministry of Health.

The association also stated five reasons why they believe that these transfers will neither benefit the public service nor the public officers.  One of those reasons is that  “Nurses will not be able to effectively respond to emergencies at the hospital outside of normal working hours due to the absence of family support systems at their new post. This will directly impact on patient care”.

Plus News has received a list of those nurses, their years of service at their current station and the place to which they will be relocated.

Some of the nurses are moving from one end of the country to the other, far from family and houses they may have mortgages on, after long years of service.  That list of nurses includes Rossana Herstig who is working as Departmental Sister, and residing for 17 years in Corozal.

MoHShe is now being moved to the Southern Regional Hospital.  Bernadette Wade Rivas, Matron working at the Western Regional hospital for the past 17 years as well, will be moved to Orange Walk.

Veronica Avila, now a staff nurse, has served for 26 years at the Southern Regional Hospital. She is being moved to San Ignacio.

Rosalba Blanco, has worked 8 years at the Northern Regional hospital. She is an Infection control sister and will now be moved to the Western Regional hospital.

Other nurses on the list range in service from 2 to 17 years and almost all of them are being moved across country.

Nurses say that in a sense, it is a pay cut because as reason number five for their disapproval of the transfers state, Nurses will be faced with financial challenges as they will be forced to support two homes thereby decreasing the quality of their lives”.

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