Transport Department changes hands; new man promises change

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Crispin Jeffries is standing down as Chief Transport Officer at the end of this week. Today, his replacement, current operations officer for the Transport Department, Tirso Galvez made his public debut at this morning’s press conference at City Hall. Galvez inherits a Department beset with many of the same problems that have hampered it from time immemorial: no control over bus operators’ permits and licenses; exposure by overcrowded buses to catastrophic accidents; and few checks and balances to ensure a safe AND enjoyable ride. The new man in charge says a meeting will be called shortly to lay down the law:

Tirso Galvez, Current Operations officer, Transport Dept: One of the major problems that I believe we are faced with at this time is because we have a lot of players in the industry, and it’s more difficult because of that and if we would have fewer players then it would be easier to regulate. One of the things that we have been asked to address is the matter of the ticketing for us to be issuing tickets. The ticketing system is something that can be done, but also it will take some time because of the many players that we have.

But on the matter of ticketing systems and even expanding the bus terminals in the major towns, Galvez says change will come later rather than sooner:vlcsnap-2016-06-02-11h33m54s191

Tirso Galvez, Current Operations officer, Transport Dept: We should be calling a meeting shortly with the bus operators them to look at their road service permits to see what they actually have and what they actually are doing on the ground, and to regulate them and set the proper schedule that we could put out the general public so that the public could know exactly what time these busses should be running. In respect to the condition of the busses we will start to ensure the issue of some of the things that they should have on their busses, for example the dirt receptacle, even the seating capacity where they are saying that the seats are for three persons and it should only be for two.

It has come to the Department’s attention that some operators are charging above the current fares for bus transport.




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