Trapp Gomez Charged for Gun Possession; Charges of Murder Expected

vlcsnap-2014-05-19-20h59m58s59On Friday May 16, police arrested and charged 20-year-old Kenner Gomez Trapp of Oriole Street Punta Gorda Town after they found in his possession a point 38 Revolver.

Trapp was wanted by police for questioning in the shooting death of Janice Vargas, the young mother who was shot at a  bar in Punta Gorda on mother’s day.

During police questioning, Kenner Gomez Trapp reportedly told the police he hid the gun in some bushes in the cemetery area.

Upon checking the area, the uniformed agents of  law and order recovered one Smith and Wesson revolver for which Kenner Trapp does not possess a valid license.

As a result, police arrested and charged Kenner Gomez for the Crime of Kept firearm without a Gun license. It is expected that Trapp will also be charged for murder.

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