Trial for sex case involving 9 year old girl

A preliminary inquiry in the Magistrate’s Court concluded with 27 year old Daniel Rios of Belize City being committed to trial in the Supreme Court on a charge of unlawful sexual intercourse. Rios is accused of a sex crime against a 9 year old girl on April 28, 2015, almost a year ago.  Chief Magistrate, Ann-Marie Smith accepted the evidence submitted by the prosecutor in the case, which includes statements of as many as 9 persons, including the complainant and her mother, who gave consent for her to be examined by a doctor. Other evidence the prosecutor is relying on is the doctor’s examination in the form of a report, and statements from several police witnesses along with documentary evidence in the form of birth certificate of the child to show her age at the time, as well as an envelope which contained two pictures of the alleged crime. Rios is being represented by attorney, Richard “Dickie” Bradley.vlcsnap-2016-02-22-11h33m04s774

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