Trinidadian Priest discusses Trinidad’s Gender Policy while in Belize

Fr. Ian Taylor is a member of the Parish of San Rafael in Trinidad and is considered one of the most outspoken charismatic evangelists in the Parish. He spends most of  his time travelling the world as part of his missionary and has been in Belize on several occasions. On Wednesday morning, Fr. Taylor appeared on Rise and Shine for the first time to discuss to discuss the most controversial social issue presently facing our nation. According to Fr. Taylor, the gender policy in other countries is fundamentally similar

vlcsnap-2013-09-05-11h50m23s238Father  Ian Taylor – Trinidadian Missionary:

When you compare the documents, they’re basically the same.  The documents attempt is to really redefine gender.  We say that any kind of policy like that, that seeks to redefine gender, is flawed from its inception.  You can’t redefine gender.  God has defined gender.



The fight for and against the gender policy is very real in all corners of the world. Fr. Taylor explains of one incident within the Trinidadian Government that occurred last year.

vlcsnap-2013-09-05-12h06m04s170Father  Ian Taylor:

First of all, they fired the minister, because she was pushing it so strongly, and trying to get the Cabinet to agree to it.  They fired her, because they couldn’t do anything else with her.  She was kicked out the door.  The new minister who came in after that, she waited a few months to reintroduce the policy, which tells us that this is an international agenda. Because if you fire one minister, why would the next minister pick it up again?  But that minister under pressure, again from the Inter-religious Organization, she backed down.  She said, “Very clearly the Government is not pursuing this any more.”

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