Tropic Air plane crash lands in sea

A Tropic Air plane, crash-landed on the open sea about 6 to 8 miles south of Blue Hole. Reports are that the airplane, piloted by one Glenfield Borland, was heading to Roatan bay island in Honduras when the plane encountered problems and crashed landed on the sea somewhere near the Blue Hole, in Glovers Reef and Halfmoon Caye. When the incident occurred sometime around 4:45 pm earlier today, the matter was immediately communicated to Tropic Air’s control office in Belize City who immediately relayed the information to the Audubon Soceity, which has rangers posted on half-moon caye. The Marine Protected Areas Manager Shane Young told Plus News that at around 5 pm he immediately sent out his rangers to comb the area from half moon caye moving west towards long Caye. Ten minutes later he was happy to hear that all three passengers had been rescued, including the captain, an American National Arthur Rogiers, and a Honduran National Eddie Bodden. There were no casualties and no one is believed to be seriously injured. At this time it is not known what exactly caused the plane to crash land. The three passengers remain at Half moon Caye awaiting the Belize Coast Guard to transport them back to Belize City.vlcsnap-2015-06-03-09h00m54s94

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