Tropic Air plane crash survivor gives different account of rescue

One of the passengers who survived the Tropic Air plane emergency crash landing which occurred on June 2nd, has written to San Pedro newspaper, Ambergris Today,  to clarify what he says is the “misreporting that has been transmitted subsequent to our airplane incident on Tuesday.”  Foreigners Arthur Rogiérs  and Eddie Boden were passengers on board the plane being piloted at the time by Denfiled Borland. According to Rogeirs, the Coast Guard’s account that they recovered the three men at the crash site 20 minutes after the incident is untrue. Rogeir says, in fact, they had to swim some three miles to the Island where the Audubon Society is stationed. That swim lasted about an hour.  It is after they reached the island shore, that the Audubon Society Rangers were just getting ready to go look for them but the survivors waved to the Rangers and in less than three minutes the Rangers got to the men and took them in. Rogiers says it was until about another hour and a half later that the Coast Guard arrived at the island where they were already safe and took them to the resort. Rogeirs says he is grateful to the Rangers and the Coast guard  for all they did but said in his letter to the newspaper,  “ I just believe it should not be reported by their officials or anyone else that we were recovered in twenty minutes time. That is simply not true. “ Rogeir says he is especially thankful to the pilot of the plane for making the right decisions on where to crash land and for pulling them out of the submerged plane and instructing them on how to reach safety.

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