Tropical Depression 2 leaves flooding in parts of the country

vlcsnap-2013-06-19-18h46m58s19Tropical Depression #2 has come and gone, though the effects of the storm are still prevalent in some areas of the country. NEMO today issued its 5th advisory detailing the intensity of flooding caused by the storm. Up until this morning, the Macal River was measured at 24 inches above normal and rising and the Mopan River at 12 inches. The Belize River had risen about 6ft above normal throughout the Belize District, while 6 inches of water covered the road in Lemonal by the Governor Creek culvert. The advisory also states that in Crooked Tree the lagoon is rising and is running off into Black Creek, Spanish Creek, Black Burn, Mexico Creek and Muscle Creek into the Belize River causing the Belize River to raise. Meanwhile, in the Stann vlcsnap-2013-06-19-18h47m46s253Creek District, where we saw mass flooding yesterday, NEMO says that the Assessment and Health Teams are in the affected Communities of Sarawee, Mullins River, Gales Point and Dangriga Town, as all shelters and the Coastal Road remains closed. The temporary crossing at Mullins River is closed to vehicular traffic and is currently being repaired by The Ministry of Works. In the Toledo District there are no reports of flooding, as the water on the Boom Creek road has receded and the road is open to vehicular traffic.  However, secondary roads in the rural areas are still not in the best conditions due to the rains and so motorists are advised to continue exercise extreme caution when driving on the secondary roads as well as the highways. This afternoon, it was announced that Tropical Depression Two developed into a Tropical Storm in the southern Gulf of Mexico. It is now Tropical Storm Barry.

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