Tropical Depression Two crosses country

It will be another few days before Belize is dry as a result of the rain from Tropical Depression #2, which is still crossing the country. Schools in the entire northern half of the country including Belize City have been closed per order of the Ministry of Education as a result of flooded schoolyards. Many roadways are under feet of water and according to Chief Meteorologist Dennis Gonguez, there is more to come.

Dennis Gonguez – Chief Meteorologist:
vlcsnap-2013-06-18-20h28m30s26As Tropical Depression Number Two moves away, we’re still getting some rainfall around the country.  The amount ranges from two and a half inches in the North, to about three and a half inches in the West, and as high as Seven inches in the South. This had led to some flooding in some sections of the Southern part of the country.
In the past 24 hours we’re close to 10 inches in the South at this time. In the previous 24 hours we had about three and a half inches in the South.  So we’re pretty much close to ten inches in the South at this time. 
Typically you can get as much as ten inches of rainfall from a Tropical Depression.  We tend to focus on Tropical Storms and Hurricanes with their wind damage, however Tropical Depressions can provide us with copious amounts of rainfall resulting in significant flooding. Ten inches is quite normal for a Tropical Depression.

The Chief Meteorologist says that while all eyes were on the weather system, its sudden development took quite a few by surprise.

Dennis Gonguez – Chief Meteorologist:
The track took a jump to the North, however from there it was difficult to identify a center, even presently today the last bulletin and the last satellite pictures it was hard for us to identify a center of circulation.  So the system is heading overland at this time and quite possibly will be downgraded to a Tropical Wave  before the day is out.

But he does expect the worst to fade away starting soon.

Dennis Gonguez – Chief Meteorologist:
vlcsnap-2013-06-18-21h02m06s97Well, we had been tracking this Tropical Wave from last week Wednesday or Thursday.  We saw that it would have started to rain on Sunday, because the Tropical Wave would have come under some favorable conditions that we would have major rainfalls on Sunday.  However, the development of the system into a depression just about 50/60 miles from us – we didn’t expect it to develop into a Depression so near to us. Even the folks at the National Hurricane Center in Miami had a 40% genesis potential on the system, up to yesterday morning. Suddenly at about 8:30 they called me and said they were upgrading it to a tropical Depression.  So even the experts in Miami did not know it would have become a tropical Depression.

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