Tropical Wave causes flooding in many areas








There have been heavy rainfalls over the past few days due to a tropical wave crossing the country. Those rainfalls have caused localized floodings in various areas of the country. The National     Emergency Management Organization issued an advisory regarding the flooding situation saying that the organization is monitoring and responding to affected areas. In the Orange Walk District, San Lazaro, Guinea Grass, San Lorenzo, Trial Farm, San Antonio, Carmelita and New Housing Area were experiencing flooding situations and so the road at San Antonio/Yo Creek Road was closed to vehicular traffic. In the   Toledo   District,   waters   along   the   Blue  Creek Jordan Road were also rising while surrounding villages were being advised that river levels were rising across the District. River levels were also rising in the Cayo and Belize Districts.





Areas in the Capital City of Belmopan also experienced some flooding. PlusNews spoke to several residents in the Costa Rica Street Area of Salvapan who stated that since the street was joined with another lane, flooding problems have increased substantially and over the weekend, it was no different. Due to the lack of a proper drainage system, when it rains, water takes much longer than usual to recede. This is even more cause for alarm says the residents, because the dengue season is upon us. They are petitioning for the drains to be cleared and for additional culverts to be placed so water can be flushed down to the nearby stream. Meanwhile, NEMO says it is on full alert and advises concerned or affected residents to call NEMO offices for information or in the case of an emergency, call the NEMO hotline at 936.

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