Trouble at FFB

vlcsnap-2016-02-22-11h38m16s303The situation at the Football Federation of Belize is in flux this evening as two sides of the Belize Football  world poise for battle. On one side vlcsnap-2016-02-22-11h38m08s136is embattled president Ruperto Vicente and  his General Secretary Michael Blease, and on the other side is First Vice President Sergio Chuc and 2 other executives;  Marlon Kuylen and Cruz Gamez. Certainly,  there are other players on each side, and even some
politics behind the scenes, but on Thursday night PlusTV was at the FFB Headquarters waiting to see the results of two meetings; the first meeting with the five executives called by 1st Vice President Sergio Chuc,  and the second meeting was with the Belize Premiere Football
League, which also doubles as the Congress. At the first meeting, a no confidence motion was passed by the executive; 3 votes to 2, after Chuc charged that Vicente is acting in violation of the football rules and has allowed district elections to be held improperly.  The second meeting did not go that well for those wishing to suspend President Vicente. A second meeting that we were told would last only a few minutes, vlcsnap-2016-02-22-11h38m30s696presumably to endorse the executive decision, instead lasted for two and a half hours; and after it was finished and the men came outside, we caught up with Sergio Chuc who gave us a rundown of the meetings. In an interview today, Marlon Kuylen, an executive in the FFB, told the media that he felt compelled to vote the way he did for the removal of President Vicente and that he welcomes CONCACAF coming in to investigate what is happening now. So is President of the FFB Ruperto Vicent suspended or is he not? Channel 7 caught up with him in Belize City to find out just what position he is in at this moment. According to Vicente, he is not suspended but he believes that the other executives should be the ones suspended. Here is a back and forth interview put together by our colleagues at Channel 7 to give you both sides of the fight.   District elections are taking place across the nation, but many of the district elections appear to be taking the form of endorsements for the status quo leaders The allegations are that Vicente and his General Secretary Michael Blease are disallowing challenges to their loyal chairmen. In vlcsnap-2016-02-22-11h38m20s343Orange Walk, for example, Ludrick Sheppard and his slate are finding it hard to enter the race, with deadline this Monday, as they must submit their list to the incumbent Chairman. Sheppard spoke to CTV-3 in Orange Walk..At the end of  Thursday night’s emergency meetings at the FFB, we had asked First Vice President, Sergio Chuc to comment on Sheppard’s predicament. Here is his responseOf course, PlusNews will follow the story and see whether the Sheppard slate will make the Orange Walk Football Association ballot and, if so, how they fare in the election itself

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