Truck Driver Robbed in Belmopan; robber arrested

Police have arrested and charged one person in connection with a Friday evening robbery in Belmopan. When we left you on Friday, we reported that Police shot a man in the foot and transported him to the Western Regional Hospital for treatment. Reports at the time were that the man and another individual whom police detained were involved in a robbery and they tried to escape. It was also reported on Friday that two other male persons were involved in the suspected robbery, but they made good their escape after their getaway vehicle overturned on the highway. While details were still forthcoming at the time, over the weekend, police confirmed the robbery. Police also reported that they have since arrested and charged 27 year old Belizean Shane Harris in connection with the crime. Police told us more at today’s press briefing

Wilfredo Ferrufino, Crimes Investigation Branch:
 On Friday, 6th of April about 1:15pm, Belmopan police responded to a robbery in the Cohune Walk area where they discovered 70 year old Louis Sutherland, a truck driver and a security guard who reported that he was approached by a brown ski male person and was ordered to open the door for the vehicle that he was in, a van, and upon refusal the person drew a firearm, and with that he opened the door of the vehicle he was in and that said person then relieved him of a bag containing $24,785.00 in cash. The person made good his escape. Quick response by Belmopan and Hattieville Police resulted in the detention of one Shane Harris, a 27 year old resident of Belize City. He has since been charged for the crime of robbery.


Police were only able to recover $5000 dollars of the money stolen.

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