Truck Overturns On Gray Pavement

A white cargo truck belonging to Rolando Montero of Joseph Freight Services, in San Ignacio, and driven at the time by one Melvin Dubon, was heading in the direction of Belize City around 8 o’ clock Wednesday morning, when, upon reaching mile 43 and 44 on the George Price Highway by Never Delay Junction in St. Matthew’s Village, it skidded off the road and flipped on its side.

According to Melvin Dubon, a D and E Bus had parked on the side of the road to pick up a person at the gates of Heris Nature Park, when at about 250ft in front of him, the bus pulled on to the road without warning. He slammed the brakes but the wet conditions of the road caused him to veer off the road.

An eye witness, travelling inside the bus, reports hearing the truck skid off as the bus pulled back on to the road.

vlcsnap-2014-09-25-07h23m08s112vlcsnap-2014-09-25-07h36m34s169Male Eye Witness

“The bus stopped to pick up one passenger, and then moved back onto the highway, heading towards Belize City, when a cargo truck carrying supplies was right behind the bus, then braked, then slipped off the road and flipped over.

[The Weather] was still overcast, because it was raining a little bit earlier before I left Belmopan.  So the road was a little bit wet.

I know they’re doing some work, but most of the accidents that I see have been on this road a lot, sometimes almost every day.  Driving this road,  I’ve seen a lot of accidents, and most of them are at the white limestone pavement.”

All four passengers travelling in the cargo truck escaped without any injuries, except for one who received minor scratches on the head. The owner of the vehicle reports that the vehicle also escaped any serious damages.

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