Truck Wheel Crushes Man’s Head

vlcsnap-2014-03-24-21h18m48s18There was a terrible road traffic accident on Saturday afternoon in Belize City.  Around 4:30 pm Saturday on Cemetery Road in front of the First Stop Taxi Stand,  33-year-old Honduran national Jose Martinez of an Iguana Street address in Belize City was knocked down and killed when a passing dump truck crushed his head.

The entire portion of Cemetery Road between Central American Boulevard and Partridge Street was closed while police processed the scene.

vlcsnap-2014-03-24-21h19m17s14Information to PLUS News is that, as the victim was crossing the pedestrian ramp in front of the taxi stand he slipped and fell off his black beach cruiser bicycle.

Witnesses say that as he was trying to get up, his head was run over by the truck’s rear wheel, killing him on the spot. The driver of the truck was 57-year-old Gilroy Wade.  According to witnesses, Wade immediately stopped the truck when he realized what was happening but Martinez was already dead.  A notice of intended prosecution has been served to Gilroy Wade.

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