Tulio Mendez charged for Carnal Knowledge

vlcsnap-2015-09-02-18h26m13s208Marco Tulio Mendez, Politician and Pediatrician, on February of this year was arraigned for six counts of aggravated assault upon female minors. Yesterday his charges were upgraded when we was slapped with one count of carnal knowledge. The embattled former area representative spoke to our colleagues at CTV3 yesterday.

Marco Tulio Mendez: Well it has been so tedious. Of course I’ve been going through this constantly right now. They haven’t reached to what optimum charges they are going to lay against me and I’m surprised at the time. Of course as I have told you, I am going to prove my innocence in the courts of law.

Reporter: Sir your political career no matter what all good you’ve done, may be irreparable damaged, do you concede to that?

Marco Tulio Mendez: Well that is not something to discuss right now. What is important is that I defend myself, my innocence in the courts of law. That is what is important to me.

Reporter: The matter is in the court of public opinion too sir.vlcsnap-2015-09-02-18h26m25s337

Marco Tulio Mendez: I mean but it is in the courts of law where I am going to defend myself, my innocence.  That is where I am going to defend myself.

Reporter: Where you surprised that this additional charges were throw at you?

Marco Tulio Mendez: I was totally surprised.

Andrew Bennet defense attorney for Mendez told us what these additional charges mean for his defense case.

Andrew Bennet:  This morning we were to return for preliminary inquiry into this matter. We learnt this morning that addition charges were preferred against Dr. Mendez which is a charge of carnal knowledge. At this point, he is still before the court, and there is still a preliminary inquiry to be held. We are to return on the 27th of October in relation to this, the entire charges.


Reporter: Okay so now that’s additional charges on your client. How does that affect your case?

Andrew Bennet: Well it just means that we have another charge to really traverse through the courts.

The case goes back to court on October 27th 2015.

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